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Brooke Crisp



Have you been searching for a safe, creative space to help move you towards your sexual or relational goals? Hi, I’m Brooke and I am an LPC-A and Sexual Health Alliance (SHA) Certified Sex Therapist (CST) with Respark Therapy & Associates. I’m all about sex positivity, play, humor, and joy in relationships (whether monogamous, non-monogamous, polyamorous, LGBTQIA+, etc…). I am here to assist anyone  in search of a healthy, satisfying, and joyful relationship.


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License type: LPCA
States practicing: Texas

How I can help you

My practice is sex-positive and focused on bringing clients joy in their sexual being. Play, humor, and fun are important parts of my attitude toward sexual health and I work to create a safe space for clients to be grow and be vulnerable. When working with couples, I strongly believe in facilitating open, honest, and constructive communication in a supportive space.

Typical first meeting

My therapeutic approach involves integrative psychotherapy and is ultimately centered around each client! As needed, I may employ emotionally-focused techniques, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, narrative therapy, between-session “homework,” and strength-based client-centered approaches in order to meet clients where they are and help guide them where they want to be.

What I specialize in

I am enthusiastic about working with individuals and couples of any orientation (including LGBTQ+, CNM, Poly, and Kink communities). If you are looking to overcome personal issues and improve your relationship with yourself or other(s) I'm here for you! I am particularly passionate about helping individuals as they recover and reclaim their sexual health after prior negative sexual experiences. Sexual recovery after grief, problem sexual behavior, orgasm/libido difficulties, and maintaining satisfaction throughout different phases of life are other areas I love working with.


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