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Kaylyn Adams



Hi there! My name is Kaylyn and I have a soaring passion for cultivating an environment in which my clients can show up authentically. I have always derived my values from a non-judgmental, open-minded perspective and I love working with clients of all backgrounds/identities. I am currently a master’s level clinician with Respark Therapy on my way to becoming a certified sex therapist with the Sexual Health Alliance (SHA). I believe in showing up in whatever way feels comfortable, and as such, I will be bringing my own personality into our sessions and invite you to do the same. 



License type: None
States practicing: Texas

How I can help you

My greatest strength as a therapist is the impact of my empathetic powers. It is an honor to hear your stories, to stand beside you, and to be a part of your journey.

Typical first meeting

I view therapy from a holistic, dialectical, strengths-based perspective. I love employing methods of mindfulness, radical acceptance, and therapeutic art activities into my practice. There are strengths that you possess and I hope to help you channel these to reach your therapeutic goals. I love incorporating new methods into my practice, so if you have any personal requests or joys of life that you think can be used in your treatment, I am so here for it!

What I specialize in

I enjoy working with anyone who is ready to show up for themselves and is ready to “be here now”, and I love working with clients who are ready to tap into themselves and become empowered. I have a background in working with adolescents, and I especially love working with young adults trying to cultivate their identities. I have always been passionate about women’s rights, dismantling body standards, and fighting the stigma of societal roles.


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