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Nicole Jackson



Hello and welcome! I knew from an early age that becoming a sex therapist was part of my life’s mission. I’m Nicole and I am a Colorado-based LMFT-C with Respark Therapy & Associates. I am currently pursuing sex therapy certification with the Sexual Health Alliance (SHA) and am dedicated to tailoring the therapeutic experience to the needs of the people involved.


gold Kink
gold Sexuality
silver CNM/POLY


License type: LMFT
States practicing:

How I can help you

I believe that what works for one person or relationship may not work for another! Because of this, I am dedicated to tailoring the therapeutic experience to the needs of the people involved.

Typical first meeting

I am strengths-based therapist who believes in an individual's capacity for healing and change. I use an eclectic blend of attachment theory, informed trauma care, EFT, and experiential therapeutic exercises in my therapeutic approaches.

What I specialize in

My interest in sex therapy includes and is not limited to sexual traumas, kinks, fetishes, infidelity, attachment, and out of control sexual behaviors/sex addiction. I also love working with relationships that have been together for long periods of time. I enjoy helping these relationships unravel years of experiences while assisting the couple in learning new and more effective ways of loving themselves and each other.


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