About Stellar Pro

What it Means to be a Stellar Pro

Being a Stellar Pro is much more than simply being a coach, counselor, licensed therapist, medical professional, or adjacent professional. Stellar Professionals have received various advanced certifications and remain up-to-date with their industries to ensure you have the best therapy experience. Stellar Pro is the only directory built for highly specialized and certified professionals so that you feel confident in your provider’s qualifications. Whether you are looking for individual therapy, couples’ therapy, coaching services, or medication management, you can find them on Stellar Pro.

Why Stellar Pro?

Everybody deserves to connect with a mental health professional who is specialized in their specific therapy needs. That’s why we made Stellar Pro!


We wanted to make it easier than ever to connect clients with mental health professionals who have verified their education & expertise in a specific field.

Queries and Feedback

We are here to answer your questions and we love feedback.

You can direct queries and feedback via our contact page.