About Stellar Pro

Learn More About What it Means to be a Stellar Pro

Being a Stellar Pro is much more than simply being a practitioner. Our Stellar professionals have been received various advanced certifications and remain up-to-date with their industries to insure you have the best therapy experience. Unlike many other directories, Stellar verifies the certifications for all of our professionals so you know you are getting the leading care you deserve. Wither you are looking for someone that is kink-informed, certified in problem sexual behavior, or a therapist versed in consensual non-monogamy, you can find them on Stellar Pro.

We were founded with the knowledge that many individuals were addressing their sex lives, trauma, or relationships with their therapists, who, had received little to no certification in this very important area of many people’s lives. This can lead to incorrect advice or reactions that can in-turn, make the situation even worse for the client. We pride ourselves on having the top of their class practitioners well versed in many therapy niches. So while sex may not be the main topic of your sessions, you can still have someone trained to dive into this formative area of your life.

Why Stellar Pro?

Stellar Pro easily connects you with a qualified sex, couples, or trauma therapist. Let’s work together to guide you on your therapy journey today.

Verifies clinicians expertise and advanced training

Find a therapist that is uniquely qualified for your specific needs

Focused on sexual health in diverse relationship dynamics