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At Theraviv Wellness, our goal is to educate and empower individuals and couples to learn how to manage their life adjustments confidently and with compassion for themselves. Theraviv Wellness is a virtual practice serving individuals and couples in Illinois and Georgia, focused on sexual health and perinatal mental health.

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If you are here, it means you are looking for a therapist who can be on this healing and empowerment journey with you. It is easy to feel alone sometimes when you feel unsure about yourself, various relationships in your life, or even your future. Do you ever just wonder, is this “normal”? Are you afraid to ask for help with sexual health concerns, either individually or within your relationship(s)? Intimacy is an intimidating topic and can bring up vulnerability. These are feelings we can work through together to process, and discuss desire, sexual variance, or even sexual disappointment to name a few. You deserve to feel good in your skin, and often times we get messages from other people in our lives, or society at-large which may trick us into not accepting who we are. Sexual health is such an important part of ourselves and our development throughout the lifespan, I’d love to work with you to help you explore that aspect of yourself that we often feel embarrased talking about in plain sight. Are you are dealing with a life transition like deciding to become a parent? There are a lot of adjustments during that time, like, conception just isn’t happening the way you thought it would, or the post partum period is throwing you for a loop. I can help hold space for you to rediscover who you are so you can be the best version of yourself again. I want to help you explore the tough interactions in your life and the grief and happiness surrounding these adjustments. My goal is to create a therapeutic environment to empower you to grow through education, honesty, and resilience. There are many tools that we can use to help you reach your goals, set up a session today to get started!

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Therapy is a process and a journey. Therapy is just a piece of the puzzle. As is each component, each coping skill, each tool from the tool box. It is important to be surrounded by a number of these resources, many of which we can begin to build together. Through therapy, you can expect to get out of it what you put in. Most of the work is done outside of the session. During sessions is where you learn skills, challenge yourself and access your strengths. From there you can build and practice those resources in your day-to-day life. At our first session, we will review paperwork and the online portal. The therapist will answer any questions that you have along the way, and we will begin to gather information for the intake and history form. This allows for us to get a thorough picture of presenting concern and ultimate goals for therapy.

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The owner of Theraviv Wellness, is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), and is an AASECT certified sex therapist (CST). Additionally, holds a certification in perinatal mental health (PMH-C) from Postpartum Support International.


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License type: LCSW
States practicing: Illinois