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Through individual, sex, and non-monogamy therapy services, I help young adults and millennials develop skills in recognizing their relational needs, and communicating those needs to others. This could be within the context of friends, family, and partners of all kinds. I enjoy helping clients through life’s curveballs, so that they can surround themselves with those that participate in cultivating genuine connection and joy in their lives. I encourage folx to note their feelings of urgency, and use the space as an opportunity to help explore and create a new narrative, regulate emotions, identify your values, and reclaim autonomy.

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How I can help you

I work with individuals and couples wanting to better their relationship with themselves, and cultivate genuine connection and joy with others. By using an integrative approach with narrative techniques and attachment theory, I help to bring intentional awareness to previous patterns and what’s happening inside, so that you can begin creating new patterns and connect more with your authentic self. Together we can unpack the ways in which various systems, including systems of oppression, have resulted in the neglect of self. I will give space to the voice wanting to be valued and heard, and work to improve your current and future relationships.

Typical first meeting

Your first appointment is an opportunity for us to do a vibe check on each other. I will learn about you and your current concerns, as well as give space for us to determine if we are the right fit for each other. This generally is a 50-60 minute session, though may require a second session depending on the circumstances. We will begin with discussing important aspects of therapy, including the limits of confidentiality and teletherapy policies. The majority of the appointment will be dedicated to discussing your concerns, relevant history, and hopes for therapy. A thorough intake evaluation enables me to make initial diagnostic impressions and preliminary recommendations and options for therapy, which I will share with you at the end of the appointment. It's important to me that not only do you feel comfortable with me based on my website and vibe in session, but that I'm a good clinical fit and able to treat the concerns of which you are seeking therapy. If we both decide to work together, we will conclude with any questions you might have and discuss next steps for therapy. If we decide that you will be better served by a different therapist, I am happy to assist you in finding another therapist.

What I specialize in

I specialize in relational and sexual concerns such as intimacy, consent and negotiation, and communication. I have experience working with sexually and relationally expansive individuals, navigating designer Polyam/CNM relationships as a certified kink and poly-informed therapist.


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License type: LPC
States practicing: Pennsylvania