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Bria Tavakoli



Hi! I’m Bria Tavakoli. I believe that my gift is creating a safe, supportive, judgment free space where people feel at ease when sharing about personal challenges and curiosities–especially those we have been taught not to talk about! I am a master’s level clinician with Respark Therapy on my way to becoming a certified sex therapist with the Sexual Health Alliance. I believe seeking therapy around sexuality is a vulnerable, brave, and rewarding endeavor. I am passionate about guiding clients on all things sex, relationships, personal growth, etc… and I would love to be your partner in this. 



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How I can help you

Since 2008, I have taught yoga and meditation, so embodiment and mindfulness are key components of my therapeutic approach. I have a lifelong fascination with stories–both the stories we humans tell ourselves, and the stories people create together in all sorts of relationships. (My finding narratives intriguing makes sense, as my first master’s degree is a journalism degree from Columbia University).

Typical first meeting

My therapeutic approach includes trauma work, non-violent communication, attachment challenges (including the empowering work of developing earned secure attachment), and helping clients create better relationships with themselves and others. My approach combines aspects of Attachment Theory and Internal Family Systems theory through a Feminist lens as well.

What I specialize in

I welcome all clients regardless of their relationship structure, sexual orientation, etc... . Creating effective communication in relationships is an area of ongoing interest for me although I am deeply interested in working with a wide range of issues.


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