Casandra Jones



Hello and let me say congrats! I know the process of finding the right clinician can be challenging and I’m glad you’ve found your way here!  I am a LPC-Associate (under supervision of Dr. Melisa Fleming, LPC-S) working towards my sex therapy certification through the Sexual Health Alliance. I currently see clients in Texas with Respark Therapy & Associates.


Badges are awarded based on verified hours of advanced training in specialized areas

50 - 99 hours

How I can help you

I bring my background in public health science to my passion for healing on an individual/relationship level. I have worked in community health organizations for over 10 years and now that I am in the role of counselor, I still hold that we are all very affected by the world around us. Those with long-term health struggles and minority status suffer more than they deserve and I want to help alleviate some of that undue burden by treating the sexual/relationship side of you as a strength in the fight with your everyday battles.

Typical first meeting

In sessions, I focus on using Neuro-Narrative, attachment, and emotion-focused theories. I may also incorporate a heavy dash of systems thinking theory to help people find contentment in life and move through trauma in a way that empowers.

What I specialize in

I specialize in working with sexually/relationally diverse individuals struggling with long-term mental health disorders or chronic health issues. While I can talk all day with you about your consensual non-monogamy, polyamory, kink, fetish or LGBTQ+ identity/orientation, I also understand that those aspects of you are only part of the mosaic of you. If you desire to work with someone who gets that intersectional life(both on a professional and personal level), then I would be honored to help you on your journey of healing/growth.


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License type: LPCA
States practicing: Texas