Cherish Bolton



I help individuals and couples working to find who they are in relationship with themselves and within their larger world. I am passionate about supporting clients through changes and challenges encountered throughout their lifetime (i.e. school, work, marriage/intimate partners, loss, and other issues that arise. I work with adolescents (15+), and adults, inclusive of all genders, abilities, cultures, and expressions. As an intercountry, transracial adoptee, I understand and work with clients who struggle to form a strong identity and self-worth due to push and pull and expectations of everyone else in their lives.


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How I can help you

My passion is helping people discover who they are and how they want to interact in the world, even if the world has made it difficult for them to be authentic or successful. Many of those around me—including myself—struggled to find therapists who understand their unique experiences and needs, with a preference for therapists who have their own lived experiences that foster understanding. Specifically, there is a lack of representation among therapists of adoptees of color, of people who not only understand but are closely aligned with the polyamory and BDSM/kink communities, and those who understand religious trauma and choosing to leave religion from a similar background. My hope is to help fill the void of minority clinicians and that my lived experience can help me offer nonjudgmental understanding and comfort to clients who are seeking a therapist who “gets it.”

Typical first meeting

During our intake session, the purpose is to get to know each other. I will give you space to tell me why you are seeking services and to ask me any questions you might have. Then I will ask you some questions to help me understand you better so that we can work together on your treatment planning going forward. I am relational, dynamic, and collaborative, so if you are seeking someone who will talk with you as well as listen and someone who keeps your goals in mind while enabling you to have input where we go in session, we may be a great fit!

What I specialize in

I focus on identity development for those who experienced childhood/youth trauma or separation. I also focus on sex therapy, working with BDSM/kink, polyamory, leaving purity culture, and LGBTQ+. Issues include jealousy, building empathy toward partners and others associated with them, boundaries, and mental health symptoms present in sex and relationships.


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License type: LMSW
States practicing: Indiana