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In 2023,  I am the most experienced gay men’s specialist psychotherapist, sex therapist, and life, career, relationship, and executive coach in the United States today, with over 30 years working almost exclusively with gay male individuals, couples, and polycules.  As an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, I help guys frequently cope with a virtual dysfunction, premature ejaculation, missed matched desire, body image, anxiety/inhibition, and coping with emotional and physical challenges to sexual expression.  As a Certified psychiatric social worker, I help guys with disorders such as depression, anxiety, OCD, ADD, panic disorder, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and others. As a life and career coach, I hope you guys close the gap between how life is, and how they would like it to be, and important areas such as mental health, health, career, relationships, family, community, and finances.  Working in telehealth over the zoom platform, I serve guys in California where I am license for psychotherapy, and in other states and countries via professional Coaching services. We can discuss the difference between the services offered.  


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How I can help you

Because I have such extensive experience as a gay men’s specialist, there are a few issues that a person can come to me with that I haven’t seen before, or helped dozens of men just like you address the same problems or challenges, and overcome them for a better quality of life. Because of my broad experience in a variety of professional settings, I help guys solve a range of challenges throughout the lifespan.

Typical first meeting

In a typical first meeting, using the zoom telehealth platform, my main focus is to listen to what your concerns are, and conduct an assessment of what your current challenges are, and what your strengths are. Together, we develop a plan for our work, collaboratively, to progress in the areas that you choose for focus, and to solve the problems that you identify that you want to see resolved for a better quality of life. We also discuss the options of psychotherapy versus coaching services, and I tailor each plan customized individually for each person.

What I specialize in

I specialize in working with people in the LGBTQ plus community, but more specifically with gay men, as individuals and in couples or polycules. As a gay man myself, in a long-term relationship of over 20 years, and being involved in the community in Los Angeles/West Hollywood, I have developed a deep and specialized expertise in gay men’s issues, even more so than other gay male therapists who are not specialists. I taught the LGBT social workers to graduate students at USC, and have also taught various seminars on HIV/aids, gay men’s relationships, gay men and substance abuse, and the specific challenges of gay men with other mental health and life challenges.


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License type: LCSW
States practicing: California