Utkala (Kala) Maringanti



Hello and welcome! I am Utkala (but you can call me Kala or UT). I feel that life begins at the edge of our comfort zone. When it is explored with compassion and while honoring our experiences and fears, I believe we open the door to our dreams and goals. I am a master’s level clinician with Respark Therapy passionate about helping others gain the confidence to step out of their comfort zone and work towards their goals.


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50 - 99 hours

How I can help you

As a therapist, I hope to guide you towards what you desire from life. We often try to suppress our expression or desires to fit into others molds, losing our uniqueness. My desire is to shine light on your strengths and enable you to take your power back, moving towards fulfilling personal and relationship goals.

Typical first meeting

I like to use a collaborative approach in my work and meet each client exactly where they are at. For me, the three most important things when it comes to my personal style of therapy are collaboration, empathy, and trust. I use these three as my guiding principles to help clients achieve whatever goal they might seek, using a humanistic, narrative, systemic, or solution-focused lens.

What I specialize in

I enjoy working with people looking for authentic connections and who are determined to define their lives in their own terms. Whether they are monogamous, non monogamous or are just in the process of finding their relational identity, I welcome everyone who is in the pursuit of self discovery and will show up for themselves. I will be there as your trusted partner in this journey of yours. I have a special interest in challenges immigrant couples and families face when they move to a foreign land. Being an immigrant myself, I am very familiar with the apprehension of making new connections, finding our “tribe”, redefining our identity and creating a space that is our own.


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